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Now, That’s What I Call……………

…..multitasking. One post – 4 recipes, no waffle. Oh, all right, but just a little bit of waffle, promise. Imagine the scene…….oranges and satsumas starting to look a bit pass their best in the fruit bowl, so what do you … Continue reading

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‘The Thinking Man’s Crumpet?……….

  Well, it’s more flattering than being the lobotomised man’s crumpet, I suppose……’ Gillian Anderson. Which is, I suppose, my point. The same word means different things in different countries. I was going to muse on what a crumpet was, … Continue reading

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Heavenly Pots of Happiness…….

You know how, if you’re on Facebook and you’re of a ‘foodie’ kind of nature, you end up with lots of posts appearing with mouthwatering recipes? Pages you follow are the worse,  but friends also share their recipes and, after … Continue reading

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