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“Ne’er Cast A Cloot………

…..till May is oot” is an old Scottish saying that means that the weather in Scotland can be very changeable and that it’s a foolish person who will change into their summer attire before the month of May has finished. There’s always … Continue reading

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Basic Biscotti

And, on Day 3, we have………….Biscotti. When I go to a coffee shop to meet friends, the one thing you’ll never find me drinking is coffee. I detest it (though, oddly enough, I make a mean coffee cake). Seriously. But … Continue reading

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Oh Christmas Cake, Oh Christmas Cake……

…..why do you take so long to bake????? Well, the ‘gluten free’ experiment didn’t last very long as it appears that it’s something that’s is regularly tested for at my daughter’s diabetes clinic, so we’re back to her still feeling … Continue reading

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It is freezing here –  thermal gloves on and my fingers STILL feel like blocks of ice. But I got a nice warm glow when I bumped into my landlord while walking Delta……………..’you’re fair losing the weight Lynn’ 😀 😀 😀 … Continue reading

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Feeling Fruity?

We’re now getting to that time of year when the house smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger etc., nights are getting longer (and electricity and gas bills are getting correspondingly bigger), and your salad drawer looks a bit forlorn as you … Continue reading

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