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“Ne’er Cast A Cloot………

…..till May is oot” is an old Scottish saying that means that the weather in Scotland can be very changeable and that it’s a foolish person who will change into their summer attire before the month of May has finished. There’s always … Continue reading

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Now, That’s What I Call……………

…..multitasking. One post – 4 recipes, no waffle. Oh, all right, but just a little bit of waffle, promise. Imagine the scene…….oranges and satsumas starting to look a bit pass their best in the fruit bowl, so what do you … Continue reading

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Fritter Me This, Fritter Me That…

So. What do you do when you’ve got the bananas in the fruit bowl and they’re going a little more brown than you’re comfortable with? Yet more banana bread? And what’s this? A pineapple that you bought, planning to do … Continue reading

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Mango Madness

I’ve got to count a mango as one of natures more exquisite fruits. Okay, you’ve got a very large pit to contend with, but that’s easily dealt with. I’ve cut the flesh into hedgehog sections, I’ve sliced and diced. But … Continue reading

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Summertime, and the living is easy……..

I think I can just about squeeze this in under the wire, can’t I? Okay, so it’s fast heading into Autumn and the nights, as we say in Scotland, are ‘fair drawin’ in’. And yes, you can make this with … Continue reading

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