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Posh Nosh…..

Madam et Monsieur, je presents un Vegetable Mixed et le Béchamel Sauce en Croute. Or, as my son called it……….. ‘That pie thingy in the oven’. So, in one swift move, you’ve discovered that my mastery of the French language … Continue reading

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Summertime, And The Livin’ Is……….

……strawberry. I’m not really a gâteaux gal. If you look back at the cakes I’ve made, I don’t think there’s one. Anywhere. But I follow a page on Facebook for the Scandinavian Kitchen, which is down in London and so … Continue reading

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Left-over Madness……

Did you realise that it’s actually National Vegetarian Week? I’m going to try and update with new recipes every single day. For someone who’s lucky if they manage to blog twice a month, this is a big undertaking. I’ve tried … Continue reading

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I Wonder Why…….

……there is no sun up in the sky……………err, no, not exactly. What I’m wondering is, why these are actually called ‘Scotch Eggs’. They’re not actually Scottish (originally produced by Fortnum and Masons, a London based food emporium), so it’s a … Continue reading

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Money Makes The World Go Around……..

And here I always thought it was gravity and centrifugal forces. Possibly these scrummy little dumplings might work better if I posted this recipe round about the Chinese New Year, but hey, I think they’re delicious enough that they can … Continue reading

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Feelin’ A Little Chili In Here?

I have been having a bit of a busy time, but still cooking and taking photos, just not had a lot of time to blog about it. Firstly, well, you know how you’re always warned that it’s dangerous meeting someone … Continue reading

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More Herb Puree? Surely Not!!!

Yes, and don’t call me Shirley. The late, great Leslie Neilson can still make me chuckle. I mentioned in my last post – Sooper Dooper – that I’d also used the Fresh Herb Purée with another dish, namely the Herby … Continue reading

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