I’m probably at my most happy when I’m in the kitchen, trying out a new recipe, acting like some medieval alchemist, trying combinations, flavours and textures to see what works, so all the recipes I’ll be posting are mine, all mine,  and I own the copyright to them and to the photos that will be illustrating them. If you like them, then that’s great. Feel free to use them, tweak them (I’m a great tweaker) etc. but if you want to share them with anyone then I’d appreciate a link and an acknowledgement. It’s only fair. When I do make something from a book or from another website, then I’ll repeat the favour and tell you where it came from and, if possible, an Amazon link in case you like it so much you just can’t live without the original recipe.

I live in the west of Scotland and am a single mother with 2 dogs and cat.

E-mail: scrumpliciousblog@gmail.com



2 Responses to About

  1. Hi Lynn, I’ve been blogging about 6 months now ans lost a load of followers when I got my blog “hosted” . So it’s my own fault really, can’t believe you were hacked and have started again. I’m pleased to be following and look forward to your updates.

  2. Thanks David – sorry I must have missed your comment (it didn’t show up in my ‘comments’ notification) but you’re very welcome. Know what you mean re losing followers andgetting nacked. Maybe that’s where the expression ‘hacked off’ comes from 😀

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