I Tried My Best and Bloody Magazines…..

Okay, so, I managed 4 days (which is still a personal best), but for the last 2 days I’ve had a bit of a migraine, so I’ve barely been on the computer and certainly not updating the blog. Hey ho, there’s always next year. But I’m feeling a bit better this morning, so I decided to look through the new BBC Vegetarian Summer magazine that I bought last week, to see if there’s anything I’d like to cook for dinner today. I suddenly had a flash of deja vu – back to the summer of 2013 to be precise and an identical Lentil Rice Salad with Beetroot & Feta Dressing. So I pulled a couple of other BBC magazines from the shelves and, hey presto, Summer 2015 and Christmas 2015 were both ideal times to have a Veggie Subzi Biryani. Now, I’m all for recycling, but I’m bloody pissed off at this – if I want to read the same recipes again and again (not even new photos) then I’ll save my money in future and just reread the magazines I’ve got. I feel that they’re taking money under false pretenses.


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