Well, that’s the Christmas Cake 2015 done….


Finally got the cake from the previous post decorated. I toyed with the idea of making my own marzipan (oh, why do I watch videos on Youtube and think ‘well, THAT looks easy enough’?) but common sense prevailed and I just went for a 500g block from the supermarket, with the added bonus that, as I didn’t have to use it all up on the cake I could try my hand at making Mary Berry’s Marzipan topped mince pies, which were lovely.

  1. 1 stunningly gorgeous cake
  2. 500g marzipan
  3. 500g ready to roll icing
  4. 1 jar of apricot jam
  5. 1 (tiny) container of edible gold lustre. Mine is Jane Asher brand and I got it from Poundland. Yes, I know, I’m so flash 😀 😀
  6. A matching ribbon, to hide a multitude of sins.
  7. Icing sugar to stop the icing sticking to the table while being rolled and to stick the decoration on with.

So you’ll need a jar of apricot jam to use as glue to stick the marzipan onto the cake. Spoon about half the jar into a small saucepan and melt it over a low heat and then brush liberally over the cake. Roll out a circle of marzipan to cover the top and 2 strips for the sides. Press it on, trim to fit, and then smooth it so that it’s not got any lumps. I turned it over so the flat base was now my top and any gaps at the bottom were just filled with spare marzipan.


Let it dry out for a week, otherwise oil from the almonds could seep through and discolour the icing. Then repeat the melting of the apricot jam and paint the marzipan. Roll out the icing big enough to cover the cake AND sides in one piece. and carefully lift it with your rolling pin and ease it over the cake. Smooth it down carefully and trim off the excess.


Knead the trimmings into a ball and roll them out. Cut out any decorations you want – I went for stars dusted with gold lustre, but holly with a green one would be nice. Mix some icing sugar with a drop of water to stick them on and then sprinkle with the lustre. If too much goes on just blow gently and the excess will come off.


All you have to do after that is to tie a matching ribbon round the outside and try not to be too tempted to dive headfirst into it before Christmas Day.


Hope you have a good one xxx

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