Brilliant Breakfast Burritos!!!!

Well, that’s the schools finished for their summer holidays here in Scotland. My son has left and is awaiting exam results to see what college he will be attending, and Katy has moved up to her 5th year. We’re not going on holiday, but already got a few things penciled in over the summer to keep us occupied. Katy has her first rock concert, a band called Area 11 and, as it’s on a Saturday night in Glasgow and none of her friends are ‘intae’ them, guess who’s being roped in to go as well? The first concert I went to was Elton John!!!! She’s horrified that I want to have ‘proper’ rock music on my ipod shuffle. I have agreed to compromise and just wear an early Genesis tee-shirt instead. Rock on!!!! As a quick aside, this blog was almost called ‘Sunshine In My Stomach’ which is a Genesis lyric from ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ album.

Have you every noticed though, that even though you spend a fortune on food, the constant cry of children (even ones who have left school), is that there’s ‘nothing to eat’ in the house? They look in the fridge and see nothing – I look in and see the making of a veritable feast!!!!!

Breakfast Burrito

  1. 2 eggs
  2. 1 tomato, sliced
  3. 2 or 3 mushrooms, thickly sliced
  4. 1 spring onion, sliced
  5. half a red pepper, sliced
  6. pinch of dried chilli flakes
  7. 1 tortilla wrap
  8. salt and pepper to taste
  9. 1 tsp sunflower oil
  10. Any kind of sauce you want (tomato, bbq etc)

Take a medium sized frying pan and heat a teaspoon of sunflower oil in it. Add the mushrooms and let them cook for a minute before adding the tomato, spring onion and pepper.


Stir fry them for a couple of minutes until they’re starting to brown. Add a sprinkle of the dried chilli flakes and stir through. Break the 2 eggs into a small bowl and whisk lightly, seasoning them with salt and pepper. Pour the eggs over the vegetables and cook over a medium heat until just set.


Place the wrap over the frying pan. The heat and moisture will soften it and make it easy to roll up.


Leave it for a minute and then place a serving plate on top and invert the whole lot.



You can squirt some tomato or brown sauce or, my personal favourite, spread some mango chutney, over the burrito then roll it up and pretend to be all cheffy and cut it in half at an angle.


Enjoy xx

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