Feelin’ A Little Chili In Here?

I have been having a bit of a busy time, but still cooking and taking photos, just not had a lot of time to blog about it.

Firstly, well, you know how you’re always warned that it’s dangerous meeting someone you’ve only known on the internet and that you should take precautions? And quite rightly so!!!!! But I’ve known my mate Deep Fried for over 10 years on a food forum, so when he told me he was coming ‘oop north’ to attend a birthday party (seriously, the guy goes to the most amazing parties) and that he was intending to stop off in my small corner of the world for a meet up, well, I was so happy. Here for a few days and it was lovely chillin’ and relaxing (we won’t mention the eating and the drinking, will we? 😉 ). Funnily enough, my son has also read about the dangers of meeting strangers off the internet, and love him dearly, but 17 texts in one day? Seriously? Oh well, he’s looking out for me.

Then it was my lovely son’s 18th Birthday!!!! Yay, go Xander!!!!!! We celebrated by going for a pub lunch and I bought him his first pint. Admitted, he only drank 2/3 of it and pushed it away saying it wasn’t very nice, but an important milestone in a young mans’ life nonetheless. He didn’t want a party so some crisp tenners inside his card, some cupcakes, and his favourite takeaway in the evening, and he was happy.


Two days later………Helensburgh and District Bake Club had it’s first meeting. We had a club a few years ago (you may remember me asking advice about what to make and the total fiasco that ensued), but my lovely mate Melanie who started it all realised that it was time to get the ball rolling again. She even got the new and revamped club mentioned in a cake magazine and a photo, taken by yours truly, appeared to publicise the event in it. And it wasn’t just cakes. Melanie is a Masterbaker (say it slowly!!!!) who owns the award winning Craigard Tearoom in Helensburgh, as well as being the powerhouse behind the Scottish Baking Awards, and she even gave us two cooking demonstrations – her  Cranachan Cake, and some delectable hand made chocolate truffles. Lush.


Then there was the college interview. Still waiting to hear if I’m going to be a mature student, so I’ll say no more about that just now, just keep your fingers crossed for me.

So after all that, I’m afraid I did put on a wee bit of weight (master of understatement), so the dieting is back in full swing and 1kg has already come off again. Although I’m still following the 5:2 Diet, even on the days when I’m not ‘fasting’ I’m trying to be careful. This is where my Quesadillas come in. They’re usually referred to a Mexican toasties, and whenever I’ve seen them being made they’re usually done in a frying pan, or brushed with oil and cooked in a ridged griddle pan. So I’ve ditched the oil altogether, gone for low fat cheese, and ramped up the flavour with spice!!!! And I know most people think of a toasted sandwich maker as belonging to the same era as the teasmade and the soda stream, but if they can make a comeback, then so can this.


Chili Quesadillas

  1. 1 pack of tortilla wraps
  2. 1 bottle ‘Very Lazy’ Red Chillies
  3. 100g low fat cheddar
  4. 2 spring onions, sliced
  5. 1 tub salsa
  6. 1 tub low fat creme fraiche

Enough to make 4 wraps worth. Spread a teaspoon (or two) of the chilies over one of the wraps, sprinkle with the spring onions and grate the cheese over. Fold the wrap over and place in a pre-heated toasted sandwich maker. But seriously, you can put whatever filling you want into these. Refried beans, avocado, slices of brie with cranberry sauce etc. It’s all good. You don’t need to oil the wrap and it’s ready in minutes.






Slice them up and serve with the low-fat creme fraiche and salsa.

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2 Responses to Feelin’ A Little Chili In Here?

  1. Pamela Cox says:

    You’ve had me drooling all the way through that and done nothing for my resolve. I can empathise with the weight gain… I’ve had visitors for 5 days (left this morning) and the scales screamed at me this morning.

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