Luxury, Sheer Luxury.

My aim is to not go mad over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Difficult when I’ve just made this, but I’m determined not to. After all, I’d hate to waste the year I’ve spent on the 5:2 diet and put some of the 26.5Kg I’ve lost back on.

For those who aren’t metricated, that’s 4st 2.4lbs!!!!!!!!

The schools break up today and I do find it hard to diet when the children are home so a break till the 5th of January is in order. Alas, I’ve still got weight to lose, but surely I can have a wee break?

Luxury Shortbread

  1. 300g plain flour
  2. 150g unsalted butter
  3. 75g caster sugar
  4. 50g dried mixed fruit
  5. 2 balls of preserved ginger in syrup
  6. bar of Lindt chocolate

If you don’t want the ‘luxury’ version, just use the first 3 ingredients, but hey, I think a celebratory version will go down just fine 😀

First of all, measure out all the ingredients. then work the sugar into the butter, and add the flour and knead it all together. This can be done in a processor, or by hand. Then distribute the mixed dried fruit through the dough and press into a baking tray (a swiss roll tray is good).

IMG_4959 Bake in a pre-heated oven at 140C for about 50 minutes, or until the shortbread has slightly coloured. Once it comes out of the oven leave it for a few minutes and then, with a sharp knife, mark off the portions.



Leave it to cool (don’t try to take it out now or it will disintegrate) but once it IS cool enough (say 20 minutes) lay it on a cooling rack and then you can start with the chocolate.  Break the chocolate up, finely dice the preserved ginger, and then place them in a glass bowl over a saucepan of barely simmering water.


Once it’s completely melted, drizzle the chocolate back and forth over the shortbread.





Serve with a cup of tea, and a dream of what clothes you’ll be able to fit into next summer 😀


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