Happy National Vegetarian Week!!!!!

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

(to be read in your best Peter Greaves voice) –My plan – if I choose to accept it – is to update this blog daily for the next 7 days. This recording will self destruct in 10 seconds (you may want to leap out of the phone box now).

And if you weren’t alive during the 60’s and 70’s and have only ever seen the rebooted Tom Cruise version, you’ll now be totally confused.

However that may be, we’re going to start with a bang today because today is (pause for fanfare) my son, Alexander’s 16 birthday. Yay!!!!!!


16 is a BIG birthday here in Scotland.  He can now get married without parental consent, move out, babysit, get a licence for a moped or a glider, or even buy wine or beer to go with a meal. Of course, if he tried to do any of them (except perhaps the babysitting) I’d go ballistic.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

  1. 50g/2oz cocoa powder
  2. 6 tbsp boiling water
  3. 3 free-range eggs
  4. 4 tbsp milk
  5. 175g/6oz self-raising flour
  6. 1 rounded tsp baking powder
  7. 100g/4oz baking spread or soft butter
  8. 300g/10oz natural caster sugar
  9. 200g pack cream cheese
  10. 500g icing sugar
  11. 1tsp vanilla extract
  12. 100g block of milk chocolate

Grease and line two 8″ (20cm) loose bottomed sandwich tins, and pre-heat your oven to 180C. Mix the cocoa powder and the boiling water together into a thick paste. Cream the eggs and butter together and then add all the rest of the ingredients EXCEPT the last 4. These are for the icing and decoration. Then finally add the cocoa paste. Mix it until thoroughly incorporated. Split the mixture between the two sandwich tins and bake for 30 minutes or until a skewer inserted into cake comes out clean.IMG_3715While the sponges are cooling whisk the icing sugar, vanilla extract and the cream cheese together. It will look runny, but leave it in the fridge till the sponges are cold and it’ll thicken up. Place the bottom sponge on a cake stand and smear 3 or 4 dollops of the icing over the top before carefully placing the other sponge on top of it. Pour the rest of the icing (you may not need it all and be careful as it can dribble over the edge of the cake stand) and gently push it out to the edge of the sponge. It will slowly drop down and cover the sides of the sponges. Either grate, or use a potato peeler (or a cheese slicer), the block of chocolate over the top. This will give you a really nice  looking cake.


Even if I do say so myself 😀



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2 Responses to Happy National Vegetarian Week!!!!!

  1. Snowy says:

    Happy Birthday Alexander and enjoy your cake. I’ve got a similar glass plate Lynn; belonged to my Mum!

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