The Home Stretch….

Okay, so now you’ve got your cake, what’cha gonna do with it?

Well, I’d normally answer ‘eat it’, but remember this isn’t for me, so decorating it might be a better answer. Now, I’m rubbish at decorating, but don’t fear, ready to roll icing, some food colouring, and a cookie cutter is all the equipment you’ll need. I’ve got piping bags, I just really haven’t got to grips with them yet.

I’ve also managed to lose track of the ‘blogging as I’m doing it’ thing I wanted to do. I’m afraid I’ve got a sicky-bad-needs-mummy-hugs child at the moment so I’ll show you the marzipanning that I did yesterday and the finishing off that’s taken place today.

So you’ll need a 454g block of marzipan (or almond paste) and a jar of apricot jam. Put about half the jam into a saucepan and gently melt it. Use a pastry brush to brush the melted jam all over the cake. Now take half of the marzipan and roll it out into a circle. Place the circle on top of the cake . The jam will make it stick. Take the other half and roll it out into a long strip (I usually have to do it in 2 or 3 shorter strips) and trim it to make it fit the sides of the cake. Press it firmly onto the jam so it sticks as well.

Marzipanned cake

I also got a head start on the other bits and pieces I needed. You need a 1kg block of icing (usually 2 packs, but you can get it in one big one) and some green, red and orange food colouring, and a couple of raisins. Reserve 500g for the actual cake and use the other 5oog for the snowman and the trees.

The Snowman……

Roll out 2 balls of icing, one larger than the other and a long, thin strip. The large one is the body, the smaller one is the head, and the long strip is the arms.


Take a tiny piece if icing and add a drop of orange food colouring to it and knead for a minute or two to make a carrot for your snowmans’ nose.

Snowman with nose

Cut the raisins into small pieces and use to make eyes and buttons.

Snowman with eyes

Take another piece of icing and knead a drop of red food colouring into it to make a scarf for your snowman.

Snowman with scarf

I also made some snowballs with some of the leftover icing.

The Trees

Icing Trees

Knead the green food colouring into the remaining icing and use a cookie cutter to cut out about 12 trees.

Let the marzipan and the decorations dry out overnight and the next day you can put everything together.

Melt the rest  of the jam and brush it over the marzipanned cake. Roll out the remaining 500g of icing until it’s big enough to cover the entire cake. Gently lift it (use your rolling pin) and carefully place it over the cake. Yet again, the jam will help it to stick.

Iced cake

Use your hands to smooth it over the cake, buffing it to make sure no air pockets are trapped and that it doesn’t tear.

Make up a small bowl of icing sugar and water to use as a glue when adding the rest of the decorations. Glue the snowman and the snowballs to the top of the cake, and arrange the trees round the base. Trim the overlapping icing from the base and viola!!!!!

Christmas Cake

Oh, and mega thanks to my mate Olga, who came through, above and beyond the call of duty, when I discovered that I couldn’t find my Christmas Tree cookie cutter and allowed me to use hers. She also brought green food colouring for me 🙂 She’s an extremely talented cake maker who does amazing Birthday, Wedding and, oh, any other kind of cake you want to mention. And if she every pulls her finger out and gets her own website, I’d show you them all as well!!!!!!







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4 Responses to The Home Stretch….

  1. Honey says:

    Looking good Lynn. I almost believed Xander when he said Lucy had had it !

  2. Snowy says:

    Looks good Lynn. Love the snowman.

  3. Peter Monnery says:

    Hi Lynn, do you prefer to eat midday at home, or go Out-to-Lunch?

  4. Well, long time, no see Peter. How are you these days?

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