Decisions, Decisions……

You may think I’m being a bit premature about this, but I’d like a couple of weeks to mull things over and I’d like your input. On the 26th of August I will be attending the inaugural meeting of the Helensburgh and District Cake Club. And the big question is……..what cake should I take?

Take a moment to think about this……..a Half Pound Cake is my ‘go to’ cake for Christmas, weddings and birthdays; a well make Victoria Sponge, although simple, is a delight with a cup of tea; my version of a New York Style Cheesecake has been described (and not by me) as ‘better than sex’; Coffee and Walnut……what’s not to like about this classic? Chocolate Fudge, omg, I’ve put on 2 pounds just typing that!!!!! I want something that says ‘WOW’ and I’m actually losing sleep over this!!!!!!! So I’ve devised a poll, and whatever comes out on top will accompany me to the meeting.


Over to you.

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4 Responses to Decisions, Decisions……

  1. Jaki says:

    Whatever cake you turned up with I’d eat :-))

  2. Kadeeae says:

    Hehey! Saw ‘help’ & ‘cake’ on fb, had to come see. LOL
    Have voted and see that my fav is leading 🙂 Will be back to read through.

  3. Sue Tilford says:

    I voted for c/cake but whilst the taste has WOW factor the looks don’t so have changed my mind for looks you need high impact something like a 3 layer vic sponge perhaps 2 flavours plus icing. Can i be the official taster ??? XXX

  4. Jennifer McElroy says:

    Don’t forget to take your recip, you are bound to be asked for it. I LOVE coffee and walnut cake. I could murder a slice of a really nice Victoria Sponge thugh, then of course a piece of NY Cheesecake. god I’m dribbling now !!!!

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